What a place of bliss.  We are in Colorado for a long weekend.  Trying to get our moving plans finalized.  

It has been a mostly tranquil weekend.  One rain storm we weren’t prepared enough for, one bid placed on a property, one trip to the modular dealer, those things-not so tranquil-but it’s beautiful here.  

The mountains go on for as far as you can see and there is still snow on top of them.  It’s truly breath taking.  

This place puts my husband’s anxiety at ease and the property we are looking at is secluded, quiet and relaxing.  What more  could we ask for?

I ask this.  Please, let my kids love it here. Let them find peace, an intercalm and calling to what they want out of life. Please, let life just go with the flow.  May the wind be at our back. May we find relief from the stresses that holds us close.  (Like a child with their blanket.) Stress wraps us in it’s warmth. Please, let me know that all this, is for something. That this hustle and bustle is for a bigger picture, a goal.

That what we have mapped in our heads and on paper can come full circle.  Maybe not a better life or a worse life but a life that makes us feel fulfilled.

That is what I ask of this new venture.


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