Pretty quiet weekend with not nearly enough accomplished.  However, I’m ok with that.  I may do it too often….but sometimes you just need to wind down.

Let the week fall behind you and prepare for the next. Clear your head and unwind.

I think this is important for everyone to do this but those with mental health issues or health issues in general.  Need it most (in my opinion). 

Just as it is difficult for an introvert to be in a room full extroverts.  They become tired from over stimulatulation. Those with health issues tire faster.  It’s not an excuse, it is a fact.  People with mental health issues tend to spend their day trying to just keep it together.  Yes, there are days that we are ‘normal’ but some days, UGH.

Same as people with weight problems, the weight issue can be consuming.  Stepping on the scale each morning, watching carefully what is consumed, weighing your food, checking portion sizes, logging calories and then doing it all again the next day.  UGH

Then again life in general can be consuming…hense the necessary down time!

So next time you are thinking, is it ok to curl up in a blanket, take a nap, read a book, catch up on your show and relax?

It probably won’t hurt.


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