For those who have depression we are (hopefully) aware of the signs but if you have never had it; you may not know the signs.

I read an article from Healthline talking about the signs of depression.  These are the most likely signs to look for.

  • Change in feeling.

Things someone use to love may not sound like fun anymore.  The job they love, may starts to wear them out. A job they don’t love, may feel impossible to go to everyday.

  • Lost interest.

Sometimes people can’t focus on what is right in front of them.  Any outside noises may distract them.  (I find I don’t remember a lot of things, my memory is shot)

  • Fatigue/Sleepiness

Just let me sleep!  

  • Anxiety and irritation.

An often times calm head will likely become easily annoyed and it won’t take much.  Simply things will irritate them. Stores they used to be fine in, will freak them out.  The anxiety will come from nowhere sometimes and may feel like a freight train ran them over when it has past.  They may become very tired.

  • Appetite/Weight.

You may see a change in their appetite and their weight may fluctuate.

  • Uncontrollable Emotions.

Mad as hell, uncontrollable crying and back to mad as hell in a matter of hours or minutes.  (It is a rollercoaster, people!)

  • Looking @ Death

They may start to talk about death or how the world may be a better place if they were gone.  Don’t ignore those statements, find them help.

  • Getting help.

Some may not realize they need help in the form of medication, counseling, therapy groups, etc.  Once they do see they can get help and their not alone, then they have made a step towards healthy living again.

Depression in a nut shell.  It’s not fool proof and it is not like a broken bone.  When we break a bone the doctors know what to do to fix it.  With depression it is trial and error, sometimes over and over to finally find the right match.

Be patient, it’s not easy and their may not be a quick fix.
Healthline’s article is listed below.



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