The struggle is real!

So there are 4 people living in our home.  3 of us have been diagnosed with depression and the fourth has a hell of an attitude (she is 9).  On any given day you just don’t know  what you will get!  It’s like playing cards in Vegas every morning when we get up!  Most of the time we are a happily medicated family but occasionally we hit a bump.

Yesterday and today it was our oldest.  Nothing going wrong and everything at the same time.  Anyway she wanted me to get her from school.  I said no. Knowing she could survive the last four hours of the school day.  It was an argument to get her to understand why she needed to finish the day.

Tonight we had a conversation.  I explained that sometimes we have to power through even when we would rather hide in the back of the closest under a blanket.  Why?  To prove to ourselves we won’t break, that we won’t fall apart in the hallway at school or the office at work. 

 I couldn’t always see that….I’m learning every day.  I learn so I can help the next generation understand that we will make it and this too shall pass.


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